glFTPd scripts and related links

glFTPd scripts/stuff from Turranius

tips/tricks and other stuff for glFTPd

glftpd tutorials and more

the zipscript for glFTPd

sicko's glFTPd site

f-ftpbnc and other scripts

PCFiL's SSL Page

glFTPD v2.04 from 26th of January 2014


installs needed packages for glFTPd and more

glFTPd Site Manager 4.3.3

glFTPd Site Manager 4.3.3 by DeXtr0 in 2007


to fix 'Failed to perform chroot()' error.


rudenstam's TCL scripts

psxc imdb

latest version 1.8.2 fixed

fixed -max-depth error

tur-ftpwho Debian 7 x64

tur-ftpwho compiled and running on Debian 7.3 x64

slv prebw 0.52

slv prebw 0.52 script

slv prebw 0.53

slv prebw 0.53 script from 24th July 2012

slv prebw 0.54

slv prebw 0.54 script from 21st December 2012

pzs-ng FLAC support

pzs-ng r2500 with FLAC support

dirloglist_gl Debian 7 x64

for tur-predircheck compiled with Debian 7 x64

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